The right design increases the value of your product or service.

Learn everything about our Graphic Design services.

Graphic Design Portfolio.

We have worked with entrepreneurs from different industries.

Graphic Design Capabilities.

A great design can give a potential customer a sense of trust.

Logo designs

We design multiple logo concepts for you to pick from and revise.

Business card designs

We professionally design the front and the back of your business card.

Social media covers

We design matching cover photos for all of your social media accounts.

Brochure designs

We design tri-fold brochures that make information easy to understand.

Menu designs

Our menus designs highlight your restaurant's food choices.

T-shirt designs

We can design your t-shirt uniform to give your team a professional look.

Vehicle wrap designs

Get a design for your vehicle that grabs attention for your number or website.

Table cloth designs

We design 6ft. and 8ft. table cloth covers used for social events.

Pull up banner designs

We design pull up banners that are 33in. x 81in. for promotional events.

Promotional sticker designs

Have a sticker designed to promote your products or services offline.

Company brand guideline

A brand guideline insures other designers can match our designs.

eCommerce pictures

We create product images suited for online sales like Amazon or eBay.

YouTube Thumbnails

We design eye-catching thumbnails to increase your clicks and views.

Background removals

We can remove the entire background from any high resolution image.

Full design rights

You own all design rights once your payment is complete.

Original source files

The original files like the EPS, SVG, PDF, PNG, and JPG will be sent. 

Wholesale printing prices

We use to get the best prices for printing our designs.

Monthly design plan

We can send you multiple designs on a monthly basis by your request.

Common Graphic Design Questions.

Feel free to use our live chat in the bottom right for answers to other questions.

Will I be able to edit the design files you send me?

Yes, with an .EPS file you can have your file edited by anyone.

What if I need more revisions to my design?

We can make additional revisions to any design for $39/hr.

Can you do other designs not on this list?

Yes, ask a custom design quote. We can also bill it by hour.

Why don't you offer unlimited revisions?

Limited revisions has led to improved feedback from clients.

What do you mean by wholesale printing prices?

We get discounts on printing without having to make really big orders.

Do you include the cost of printing in the price?

No, but we can get you a quote and then include it in the cost.

What exactly do you mean by full design rights?

You are free to trademark or resell your designs after purchase.

Why would I want eCommerce Images made?

You might want to remove the white background and make it "float".

Do you have a warranty or guarantee your work?

We have a 30 day warranty on all completed projects to cover errors.

Graphic Design Pricing.

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