Graphic Design

We create the visuals that represent your small business. From logos to business cards, social media covers, email signatures, and more, we make designs that place a spotlight on your company image.

We design with consistency to make your business highly recognizable

Humans are naturally drawn to visuals because they make an impact on the subconscious mind. We pay special attention to visual content.


We design logos that are timeless. We specialize in modern logos. We even create mockups so you can preview it in the real world.

Business Cards

Leave an impression of someone who pays attention to detail. A proper designed business card makes the information easy to remember.

Social Media Kits

Your colors, style, and logo should be everywhere your company is. This completes your branding and polishes your social media pages.

Email Signatures

This is your online business card. It should include your promotional items and inform people about where else they can find you online.


A great menu or brochure guides the eyes of the reader around the pages. We make sure to highlight your company's best features and items.

Branding Guidelines

This is an outline that explains how to properly use your logo, company colors, and fonts. It's the best way to keep things consistent.

Ecommerce Photos

We make your products look like hot sellers. We remove the background and blemishes. These pictures can be used online and offline.

Blog Covers

A great blog title should be paired with a great blog cover. You can use these images for your website and your social media posts.

YouTube Thumbnails

What makes people want to click on your video? We design thumbnails that make people curious and want to click on your video.

Wrap Design

We make designs for your vehicle with your logo and company services. We use the limited space on your vehicle the best way possible.

Source Files

Your final files are delivered in PDF, JPEG, and PNG formats suitable for all applications. If you require any other files just ask.

Full Rights

What we design for you will be available for you to use with unlimited usage. Full payment means full rights to your designs.

Printing Partners

We have access to wholesale printing prices. Ask for a quote if you would like your designs printed.

Monthly Plan

Enroll if you need monthly updates on designs like social media covers, youtube thumbnails, blog covers, and ecommerce pictures.

Custom Designs

Is the service you need not listed? No worries, we offer hourly design services for custom designs and small tweaks to your current designs.

We work with people from different industries

Some of our clients are: Charities, Cleaners, Contractors, Trainers, HVAC Technicians, Landscapers, Plumbers, Printers, Realtors, Spas, etc...

We tailored design packages to fit the the size of your business needs

Before you go off to leave your mark on the world, make sure your branding matches the quality of your service/product.



Full design rights

3 logo designs

3 revisions each

1 biz card design

5 social media covers



Full design rights

5 logo designs

3 revisions each

2 biz card designs

5 social media covers

Email signature



Full design rights

7 logo designs

3 revisions each

3 biz card designs

5 social media covers

Email signature

Branding Guideline

You can always add-on if your business needs grow.

Vehicle Wrap Design


3 revisions

Includes mockups

Door magnet mockup

Monthly Plan


3 monthly designs

Unlimited revisions

Excludes logos, wraps

5 Ecommerce Photos


Background removal

White background files

Clear background files

5 Blog Covers


3 revisions

SEO file names

Fast loading images

5 YouTube Thumbnails


3 revisions

1080p images

Uploaded for you

Brochure Design


3 revisions

Front and back design

.PDF file for printers

The most frequently asked questions about our graphic design services

Every service has it's own FAQ's section. You can also reach out through email and Facebook Messenger if you have a different question.

What kind of files do I get?

We send you the highest resolution available JPEG, PNG, SVG, PDF and AI files. These are the files a printer or designer would ask for when using your designs.

Where do I go to download my files?

You will be able download your files through email and our portal. You can share a link to your files to other people from our portal, similar to Google Drive.

What if I need more revisions for a design?

If you still want us to make changes to your designs after the 3 rounds of revisions we can make those revisions for $39 an hour. Then we only count by half hours.

Why would I need a monthly service?

If want to put out a lot of content on the internet you most likely need social media covers, blog covers, youtube thumbnails, and pictures edited monthly.

Do you include printing in the price?

No, the price is for design services only and the printing can be done through your preferred printer or you can use our wholesale printer

What is a Social Media Kit for?

Social Media Kits provide a look that usually only bigger companies have. This includes profile pictures and social media cover photos for every platform you use.

Why is there only 3 rounds of revisions?

We have seen improvements in our design process by following "The Rules of 3". This has improved feedback from clients and has led to better designs.

What do you mean by Printing Partners?

We design everything and leave the printing to We have access to wholesale printing prices which is much cheaper than most other printers.

What are eCommerce Images?

These are pictures of products on a floating background. We will remove the background, leave it white or make it look like a hot seller for online stores like Amazon.

Do you offer customer designs?

Yes, our design capabilities are greater than what we listed on our website. We can work on custom designs at a fixed price of $39 an hour.

Still unsure about what you need? Get a callback tomorrow.

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Looking to outsource?

Need help with a project? You can outsource parts of your project to us and take all the credit.

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