May 25, 2021
4 Things You Must Do Before Marketing On Social Media
Social Media Marketing for your small business seems pretty easy, right? Just create your accounts and watch the sales roll in. Wrong! Before you get started, there's 4 things you HAVE to do first.
These are all the things we do to make a successful social media campaign for our clients.
1. Define your brand
Being able to pinpoint your brand identity before going any further is the most important step. What does your business do for others, and how will you present that to potential customers? Do you have a logo and set brand colors to use consistently anywhere your brand is shared? Have you decided what voice and tone your brand will use on social media? These are all part of your brand identity, and essential to define before you create your brand's social accounts.
2. Know your target audience
It's not enough to create a Facebook page and expect the customers to come to you. You need to be aware of who they are and what they need before you can go about marketing to them effectively. Creating a "buyer persona" can help you figure out who your audience is and the best ways to reach them. For example, your ideal customer for your hand made toys is Kaylee, and 29 year-old mom of 3. She home schools her children in a Montessori setting, and therefore is also a member of several homeschooling parent groups on Facebook and gets many play-learning ideas on Pinterest. She is also on Instagram following relevant "Influencers". To reach Kaylee, your brand should be on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, as well as your brand's stand-alone website. Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter aren’t really where your target is spending their time, and knowing that is important.
3. Set your goals
What is it you're trying to accomplish through social media? Are you looking to grow your customer base? Are you simply trying to increase awareness of your brand? Are you wanting to generate leads and drive traffic to your website? If you don't know what you want to achieve, you can't start. Once you've set goals, you can decide how you will measure success, and change your strategies accordingly.
4. Use the right tools
Creating the social profiles is really just the tip of the iceberg, here. You need to use the right social media tools to create your content, schedule posts, and monitor engagement. Software like Canva and Glorify are great for creating the graphics and content like you see your favorite brands posting. They also make it easy to stay consistent in your message by using the same colors, fonts, and logos for all your posts. Programs like SmarterQueue and PromoRepublic are great scheduling tools to help you stay one step ahead and maximize your time spent on social media. Apps like Creator Studio and Juphy help consolidate your social media inboxes to help you monitor engagement and respond to your followers. Before you start your social profiles, look into some tools to help you and your business stay on top of your social media for the future.
Some think the first step of a social media strategy is creating the social media profiles, but that's simply not the case. Before you dive into social media for your brand, make sure you have intentionally thought about these factors. Defining your brand, knowing your audience, setting goals, and using the right tools are key to a successful social media strategy. If you are struggling to get started, or just the very thought overwhelms you, contact us at Accretion Digital to solve your social media management goals continue running your business.

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